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Calcutta –Kolkata

On November 30th, 1882, the first eight Little Sisters watched intently as their ship “The Tiber” left the Gulf of Bengal and sailed up the Ganges to Calcutta. God made a special choice for the Little Sisters through the instrumentality of two people. Mr. Asphar, a wealthy businessman, and Archbishop Goethals, S.J. of Calcutta.

What a pleasant surprise awaited the foundresses as they touched shore. Mr. Aspha who knew the Little Sisters in Malta with family and some Jesuit priests, were there to welcome them. They were taken to visit their house which had been arranged so well by generous friends. An ancient palace of a prince, which had been abandoned for two years, was to be their dwelling. It was a large property surrounded by gardens.

One week later three elderly ladies were welcomed into the new Home: The Little Sisters in writing to Mother General enumerated the blessings of Divine Providence, which filled them with enthusiasm and gratitude.


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